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Empower People

Not Government

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Meet Chandler

Small town roots. Big time experience.

Hi, I'm Chandler. I'm a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, and a believer in the American Dream. I was raised in a small town in Utah and educated in the Utah public school system before going on to study at BYU, Harvard, and Oxford. After practicing law in New York City, I co-founded a Provo based technology company that helps parents and teachers nurture a love of reading in young students.

I believe America—and Utah in particular—offers individuals the best place to safely and securely progress, prosper, and pursue their dreams, and I believe that will continue as we empower people, not government. That's why I'm running for U.S. Senate. 

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What I'll Work for as Senator

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Limited Government

Chandler is a steadfast champion for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and reduced bureaucracy. He'll empower citizens, spur economic growth, and preserve the principles that make America exceptional.

Constitutional Rights

A steadfast defender of individual freedoms, Chandler pledges to protect our constitutional rights, ensuring every citizen's right to liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness and every family's right to freedom and protection.

Strong Economy

Chandler is dedicated to fostering robust economic strength through innovation, free-market principles and fiscal responsibility—the keys to driving America towards unparalleled financial success and stability.

Chandler at a Glance




  • Provo-based company promoting childhood literacy through classroom and home software tools and book distribution

  • 1M+ books delivered; 70,000+ software users

  • Launched in 2015


Tanner & Tanner Law, LLC

  • Practice focused on appellate matters, including matters before Utah Supreme Court and Utah Court of Appeals

Associate, NYC Office

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP

  • Practiced in firm's private equity fund structuring group

  • Played with firm's office softball and basketball teams


Masters degree in historical studies
Oxford University, Reuben College

  • Studied European history with an emphasis in modern English history

  • Dissertation analyzed examples of altruistic capitalism in northern England

Law degree

Harvard Law School

  • Courses included Constitutional Law and Legislation and Regulation

  • Served in HLS Student Government

  • Played on the Stormin' Mormons intramural basketball team

Business degree

Brigham Young University

  • Summa Cum Laude graduate with class rank of #1

  • Completed university Honors Program (Advisor Prof. Monte Swain)

  • National Merit Scholar

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